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Written by admin. Posted on 20 November 2011.
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The sessions are designed to be flexible and student specific. In our current society, with increasing population statistics and higher competition in the work place, students need to be on the ball regarding their studies in order to ensure that they have the best foundation possible. This opens up opportunities and sets them in good stead for accomplishing success. We have found that a one-on-one approach is incredibly useful in that the students have a platform to voice their own unique ideas, thoughts and questions and have a chance to work through areas where they need extra help, not merely where the class and lesson plan are taking them.


It doesn’t matter what your level or background is, we aim to provide a suitable place of learning for you. Whether Maths is a blur at best and English poetry is all Greek to you; or you get it, but just can’t seem to get past that “average” mark; we have tutors, ready and excited to help you take the next step forward. we find, on most occasions, that it is merely a foundational component which is missing. From Prep through to Year 12, each year builds on the last. So when a key part of their foundational background is either missing or misunderstood, it causes an unbalanced grasp of newer more complex topics and sections. Once we can identify that gap, it is merely a matter of filling it and then working to ensure that the next building blocks are solid.


Now, you might be one of those thinking, “Hey, I don’t fit those criteria.” You are already receiving A’s and B’s and aiming for your OP’s. You have a need and responsibility to keep yourself there, or maybe boost your marks just that little bit extra. That’s where we come in. Someone to provide an extra sounding board. To lock in the confidence that you are right in your understanding and assumptions, and tweak and fine-tune your abilities to tackle the more complex sections. A support system to assist in stress and time management.


No matter what you current level, we aim to provide an experienced, helpful and relevant tutor to assist in meeting your academic needs.


In the coming entries to Blooms’ Blog, we'll be tackling topics from all different areas and levels. From basic English Grammar and Long Division, right through to University Finance calculations. Little tips and tricks that have helped my understanding over the years, as well as ideas gleaned off some of our other tutors that have assisted them in their lessons.


If you have any ideas as to topics you would like to see information on, please forward your queries and suggestions through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please put “Blooms’ Blog Suggestion” in the subject so whoever receives the email knows where to relay it.


Wishing you all success in your endeavours…


Always remember – One seed. A little nurture. It Blooms.

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