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How do tutors help?

Hi Blooms Tutors,

I have a simple question about tutors in general. I would like to know how they help you improve your marks. How can a tutor help me if I decided to start some tuition with them?

I think I need one but I wanted to first ask this question.
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That's a good question. Often people are apprehensive and nervous about getting a tutor. Many times when I've gone for a first session with a student they are surprised to see me as they have anticipated an old, strict, boring woman who is going to force them to do an extra hour of difficult maths every week!

The benefit of having a tutor, which you won't necessarily get in class, is that the session is designed to be one on one. The tutor's full focus is on you and they go at a pace that works for you. They can design and plan the sessions to focus in specific subjects, areas and topics that confuse you and stay on a question as long as you need to understand it completely. There is no worry about holding up others in the class.

A tutor is great to bounce ideas off. They can help you edit your assignments and help you improve on your sentence and paragraph construction. They can ask as a sounding board when you are planning a response to a question and help you expand you thinking and vocabulary.

A good tutor should also ask as a mentor. They should be supportive, encouraging, motivating and enthusiastic. The tutor will work with you to build up your self-confidence and your motivation and drive. You need to feel comfortable with your tutor so you can discuss any worries and concerns with them.

I hope that gives you something to think about.
6 years ago
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