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What do you call someone who works at the zoo?

Hello Tutors,

What are people called when they work at the zoo? I want to work with animals in the zoo because I love them so much. What is the name of people who do this for a job?

I want to do this for my career so I hope to find an answer.
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Most would think that a person who works at the zoo is called a “zoologist”.

That’s not entirely accurate because there are a number of different scientists who work at the zoo. Some of them are zoologists while others have a different skill set.

The zoo is made up of many different professionals. Zoology is simply a branch of biology that relates to the animal kingdom.

You’ll find people that specialise in one category of animal science and they would all have different titles. Some of those include professionals and scientists such as Herpetologists, Marine Biologists, Primatologists, Entomologists and many others.

6 years ago
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