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Why did World War 2 start?

I've read some interesting facts about World War 2 but I still don't know why it started. Why did World War 2 start in the first place?

If we know how the war started then maybe we could prevent it from starting again.

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The reason for World War 2 and its starting point goes beyond the events that occurred prior to it.

I’ll finish off with what I think the real cause was for World War 2.

The initial trigger and direct cause of the war was when Germany invaded Poland as a response to a fake and false claim that Poland attacked Germany.

Hitler also said he wanted to protect German’s inside Poland from the Polish.

Immediately prior to the Polish invasion, on 1 September, there were critical political struggles and negotiations that were unfolding that set the stage for the invasion of Poland.

In the month of August, German troops were preparing and establishing themselves at the Polish border. During this time Hitler met with Italian minister, Count Ciano, and told him that Poland should submit under the authority of Germany or become “liquidated”.

On 29 August 1939, Germany requested that Danzig and the Polish Corridor be handed over and that no harm should come to any German in Poland. Poland declined and on the night of 31 August 1939 the Germans considered their proposals to be refused which inflamed the situation.

The Poland Invasion happened on the 1st of September 1939 which led to a full blown World War 2.

The British including the Commonwealth Nations were against the decisions of the Germans and wanted the Germans to leave from Poland.
This direct conflict resulted in the declaration of war on Germany by the British and Commonwealth nations. This took place on 3 September 1939.

Not long before the Polish invasion, there were other wars taking place which probably contributed to the final outbreak.

In 1935 Italy invaded Ethiopia and between 1936 and 1939 the Spanish were having a civil war. During 1937 Japan invaded China and also invaded the Soviet Union and Mongolia during the year of 1938.

It is said that Hitler drew inspiration from the events taking place around this time. Hitler was also impressed by the leadership of Benito Mussolini and even adopted some of his political tactics. As a matter of fact, Hitler’s idea of the Nazi Salute came from the Roman Salute to which Benito Mussolini also used.

Another reason for World War 2 is the nature of pride-filled man and his desires. Hitler was obviously a man driven by selfish ideas with an unrelenting thirst for power, much like the other leaders that engaged in war.

Without these mentalities there would be little driving force behind one of the world’s most disgraceful events, World War 2.

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