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What is the study of rocks called?

I was wondering what the study of rocks is called, can someone tell me? I know that there are people who study rocks as a job, but I have no idea what the correct terminology for that career is.

Thank you!
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Study of rocks - Geology


The study and science of rocks is called Geology. A geologist is a person who specialises in that field of study. Geology also includes the study of rocks that are celestial.

The study of rocks (Geology) is important because it helps us understand nature more, such as climate, geographical histories, tectonic plates, minerals and rock structure. The reason that’s important is because the more information and data we have, the more we can understand the impacts that we have on these features.


Glyder Fawr Rocks
Glyder Fawr Rocks


When it comes to mining and exploration, the study of rocks is vital for proper recourse extraction. Likewise, Geology has an important role in Geotechnical engineering. There is often a need for assessing risk such as earthquakes, sinkholes, falling rocks or landslides.

Geologists are also at the forefront of natural disaster sciences, climate change and their studies are often used to warn the public about these events.

The study of rocks can also be broken down into different categories. Geologists often specialise in certain categories, such as volcanic science (Volcanology), Palaeontology, Geochemistry, Sedimentology, Structural geology, Marine geology and several other specialist areas.

Geology is the general broad term that’s used to cover all aspects that involve and relate to the study of rocks.


Pancake Rocks
The Pancake Rocks

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