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What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Is there a difference between coaching and mentoring? Are they the same thing?
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Mentoring and coaching have similarities and differences. They are similar in that they both involve helping others develop personally.

People learn from their mentors and from their coaches and hope to gain from their experience and knowledge.

Coaches are (usually qualified) professionals who teach and train an individual person or group of people, depending on what type of coach they are, ways to reach their goals and ambitions.

There are different coaches, sport coaches for example will coach entire teams and help them develop team work and tactics to outplay their opponents. Life coaches are different and they have clients who need help with their careers, emotional lives or other personal needs. Life coaches inspire their clients to be positive and try to motivate them in achieving their goals.

It’s important to note that these coaches are not psychologists or therapists.

Coaching has a number of divisions. There is a coach for almost every aspect of life such as date coaching, religious coaching, business coaching, health coaching and much more. Coaches will usually remain in their area of experience or expertise.

You wouldn’t find a coach who is passionate and brilliant at playing football trying to do business coaching. Rather, he’ll coach those who need help with football.

Mentorship is an ongoing personal relationship between two people. Mentoring is relationship based with ongoing communication. Mentoring is also not as defined as coaching, there are different ideas about what mentoring is exactly but coaching is a position which is well defined.

Most people believe that mentoring is long lasting and many have mentors for life.

Mentorship is based upon a mutual relationship where an informal flow of communication takes place between two people. Usually the mentor passes on wisdom, knowledge and insight which they acquired during their life onto the person they’re mentoring.

It’s almost like passing on a legacy to another person and most people see mentoring as a deeper process.
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