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Difference between profile types

Hi, if a person wanted to register as a member on your website, they might not understand the difference between the registration types.

Could you please explain in more detail what each profile type is? Please also explain the difference between a tutor and an independent tutor.

Thank you for this awesome website.

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Different profile types explained

Here is some helpful info for those of you who aren't sure about which profile to choose when registering with us.
(If you want to change your profile type, then visit this link for details:

Our registration process has several options and they are:

Independent tutor

This is a tutor who lists themselves independently from Blooms Tutors. That means independent tutors deal directly with students and charge students directly for their tutoring services.

Independent tutors are able to make their contact details available to the public on their profiles. In other words, students who browse tutor profiles can simply ring them or email them directly without contacting Blooms Tutors. Independent tutors may also advertise their tuition rates on their profiles.

They don't use our placement services. We generally won't place students with independent tutors, unless we have no other tutor available. That means if a student contacts us for a tutor and we have none available for them, we'll then pass the student to an independent tutor.


Tutors that are not independent are simply called tutors.

These tutors cannot advertise their tuition rates on their profiles and they don't charge students directly for their tuition services. They also can't advertise their contact details such as phone numbers or email addresses.

These users will be able to use our placement services. When we get students looking for tutors, we'll place them with our selected tutors before contacting any independent tutors.

We can’t guarantee student placement as we only place them when we get enquiries and when there is a demand.


This is a profile for students, as a student your profile won't have all the fields of a tutor. For example, your profile won't display things like availability, or tutoring subjects. Instead, your profile will be tailored for students only.

Students still get access to all the free online features on our site.

Regular user

A regular user is a person who wants to become a member but isn't a student, independent tutor, or tutor.

As a regular user, you can still access all the site features and join the community.

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All profiles are defined or variety of users visit to website. Very well categorized.

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