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When is winter?

Is winter at the same time all around the planet or is it at different times? Is it possible that winter can happen at one place while it’s summer at another area?
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Winter times

Yes, winter does take place at different times depending on the location. Winter in the Southern Hemisphere takes place at the opposite time to the Northern Hemisphere.

So during December it will be winter in the Northern Hemisphere and at the same time it will be summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

These are just seasonal date ranges, it’s important to know that the closer you get to the equator the less “seasonal” it is. That is to say, on the equatorial region, the temperatures are still warm during the “winter months”. That’s why this region is called the “tropical belt”, because through the year it’s warm and doesn’t generally experience winter in the same way as those further away from the belt.

5 years ago
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