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When was the Black Plague?

When it comes to the times of the Black Plague, I'm sure it was one horrific experience for those that witnessed and lived through the event.

When did it take place and how long did the Black Plague last for?

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The Black Plague

The Black Plague, sometimes also called the Black Death, happened over different periods during history. There where recurrences and outbreaks and there were three massive outbreaks of the plague.

It was a problem that lasted for many years killing millions of people. We don’t know exactly when it started but we think it originated from Chinese or possibly Asian regions.

By the year 1346 it had spread to the Crimea through a famous travel and trade route called the “Silk Road”. It began to peak in Europe from 1348.

After the plague struck, the population health and recovery took over a century in Europe alone. Just 40% of people remained alive in Europe.

The plaque was still around as early as the 19th century, lasting from about 1855 until 1959. Even in Australia there was an outbreak during the early 1900’s and as recently as 1995 there was plaque in the United States. At the moment there are still about 10 new people a year with the infection in the United States.

People often thought that it was spread through rats, which is true, but it was really the fleas on the rats which had it.

One of the famous outbreaks of this plague was when it hit the Roman Empire during years 541 AD and 542 AD. The outbreak struck the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire leaving just 60% of the city’s population behind. This outbreak lasted until about 750 AD.

From around 750 AD there was little occurrence of plague, but that only lasted until another large outbreak (one of the largest) which was during the 14th century.

Another major outbreak was in China and India during the 1890’s, this one started in the Yunnan province of China in 1855.

There were others that are worth a mention:

  • The European 1738 Plague.
  • The Russian Plague during 1770 to 1772.
  • The great Italian Plague which was around 1629 to 1631.
  • The “666 Plague”, or Plague of London which was during the years 1665 to 1666.
  • The outbreak in Vienna was during 1679.
  • The outbreak in Seville during the years 1647 to 1652.
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