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When was the Holocaust?

Kindly explain or list the date of when the Holocaust began.

When was it and for how long did it last?

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When and how the Holocaust began

Most people accept that the Holocaust began when Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933 and ended with the death of Hitler, when he committed suicide on 30 April 1945.

From the moment the Third Reich was established, concentration camps began to emerge. The Third Reich was the name for Germany during 1933 until 1945, which was when Hitler was the political leader of the German government.

It can be said that the Holocaust lasted as long as the Third Reich.

Although it’s important to know why the Holocaust happened in the first place, it happened because of certain mentalities that powerful rulers had developed.

Philosophical and ideological ideas that entailed hatred of the Jews and justified racisms were rooted deeply in governance. These ideas formed before Hitler came to power and probably began from the when the völkisch movement influenced many of the “politicians”.

For more info on the pre-causes of the Holocaust, go to this link: http://bloomstutors.com.au/qa/view/485-when-did-the-holocaust-start. It will explain how the ideas of certain people, driven by certain desires, drove dictators and leaders like Hitler to commit horrific atrocities.

When the Holocaust came to an end, it left behind the death of around 6 million Jews and many others.

During the time of Nazi rule the Jews were thought of as a sort of disease that needed to be eradicated in order to clean up society. The level of unemotional regard that they had towards the Jews is incomprehensible. It shows us the power of mentality in terms of ethical philosophy and world view, in how a person’s actions can come from these views.

During Hitler’s rule, many people passionately believed and felt a sense of obligation to carry out the principles of Nazi policy. We can trace the origin of the Holocaust back to when beliefs that embraced anti-Semitism began to take hold.

The trigger, implementation and actual manifestation of these philosophies started from when a person who had them, namely Adolf Hitler, came to power.

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