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Is copper a metal?

Is copper considered a metal in science? What class of substance does copper fall under?

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Yes copper is both an element and a metal. Its symbol is Cu and has a boiling point of  2562 °C and melting point of 1084.62 °C.

It’s considered a soft-metal in its pure form. Otherwise it could contain other substances that would “harden” it.

It’s a common metal for electricity because of its good conduction. It’s also a good conductor for heat. It’s also used in communications technologies, although some countries are replacing the copper system with an optical fiber system.

It’s a valuable metal and is sometimes even stolen and melted for money, especially in third-world countries. However, as technology moves on, the global demand will lower due to technological replacement with other materials and systems. We have already seen this demand decrease slightly in recent years.

One of the world’s largest copper producers is Chile.

An interesting fact about copper is that it is one of the essential elements for biological life. Its atomic number is 29.

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