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Is iron a metal?

Iron seems more like an element of some sort rather than a metal. Is it correct to say that iron is an element and not a metal?

What do I call iron?
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Iron is an element and it’s also a metal.

The symbol for iron is Fe and it is a common element. A large part of Earth is made up of iron and it’s even found in our blood. Iron is essential to biological life and its atomic number is 26.

Iron begins to melt at 1538 °C and boil from 2862 °C.

Iron is also the 6th most common chemical element in the entire Universe.

Iron has helped the human race get to where it is today. If it weren’t for iron, there would never have been an "Iron Age". Iron has played a crucial role in the development of human technology.

An interesting fact about iron is that it’s formed through a process called fusion in massive stars that have a huge mass. We have “star-dust” flowing through our veins.

We can thank our “lucky stars” for iron.

5 years ago
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