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How did the Big Bang start?

The Big Bang is what resulted in the Universe as we know it. It was the initial cause of the Universe.

How did the Big Bang start, how did it begin?

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The Big Bang Theory is one of the theories that explain the start of our Universe and is currently the most accepted explanation and theory for the cosmos.

The Big Bang was an even that happened about 13.7 billion years ago.

Since the Big Bang, our Universe has gone through continuous and ongoing expansion.

The initial Big Bang conditions are highly specific and almost incomprehensible. We know that shortly after the Big Bang there was a furiously fast expansion and the state of the Universe was very hot as well as dense.

The Universe began to cool and this enabled the conversion of energy into different types of particles.

Hydrogen was the first emergence of the elements and clouds of gasses began to form. These clouds consisted of hydrogen, helium and lithium which then went through gravitationally induced changes. That means that because of gravity, these elements began to collect and form stars. From many stars we get galaxies which make up our Universe.

Stars are massive engines that produce other materials that are scattered throughout the Universe. When a star explodes it’s called a supernova and when that happens additional materials are poured out into the Universe.

These materials are the same materials that are found in biological life forms. In other words, “we are of the stars”.

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