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Which dinosaur is the biggest?

How big was the biggest dinosaur ever?
What is the biggest dinosaur ever on record?
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The biggest dinosaur can be broken down to, the heaviest or longest dinosaur.

There is one dinosaur that is the largest on record in both, length and weight. It was a massive creature and it is the Amphicoelias.

It’s suggested that this dinosaur could have grown an estimate length of about 60 meters or 200 ft. It could have weighed up to about 122 tonnes. If this is true it would be the biggest dinosaur that we know about.

There is some debate that surrounds the size claims of this prehistoric animal. This is why scientists would like more evidence in order to confirm accurately its size estimates.

It’s quite likely that it was the biggest dinosaur ever, but if it wasn’t then the biggest dinosaur would certainly be the runner-up (in this case), the Argentinosaurus huinculensis.

Argentinosaurus grew to maximum lengths of about 35 – 36 meters. An Argentinosaurus of this size would weigh around 100 tonnes.
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