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What was the Black Death?

According to our history books, the Black Death was an event that wiped out millions of people.

What was the "Black Death" and what made it so disastrous? Please provide a brief but informative description explaining the Black Death in general terms.
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The Black Death was the spread of an infection disease that wiped out people in the hundreds of millions. No-one knows the exact number of people that died but there were about 200 million deaths from this killer plague.

It lasted for hundreds of years and reshaped the course of history. It impacted economy, politics, wars and entire nations. It is said to be one of the worst and darkest moments in human history.

Many cities and towns suffered from additional infections caused by the corpses and dead bodies that were on the streets for days. It was “normal” to see dead people on the city pavements caused by the Plague.

It went on for more than a thousand years, starting from as long ago as the Roman Empire during the 6th century, until the 19th century.

Often people only had days to live and little could be done to treat the disease. They suffered from necrosis, fevers, vomiting, rotting flesh and skin bursting with pus and blood. Skin often turned black as the flesh rotted away with gangrene.

The Black Death had originated in China and it was from a type of bacteria which was spread by fleas that were carried on rats.

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