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What are the different learning styles?

Correct me if I am wrong, but there are four different types of learning styles. What are the names of them, what do we call these different learning styles?

What makes them different from each other?
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The different learning styles

Generally there are four clear different learning styles.


Auditory learning is when a person listens to information and then understands what is said by means of hearing alone.


The visual style of learning is when a person learns by watching and visualising information in order to grasp or understand the concept. Often a person will be shown by means of action so that a person can see it in a demonstrative way or they may picture it in their minds.


This is the learning style that entails a person actually doing or mimicking something in order to understand the concept. They learn through experience and it’s different to visual. Kinesthetic entails the person who is learning actually doing or experiencing themselves what is required to be understood.

Reading and writing

A fourth style is used by those that learn through writing or reading. This is somewhat similar to auditory because the words are repeated inside your brain and in some sense you hear them. However, there is also the fact that you are seeing the words and also writing them.

People respond to these learning styles differently and will prefer one over the other. It’s best to use all four when learning something.

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