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Is corn flour gluten free?

My husband has a severe intolerance to gluten so we're trying to find foods that are gluten-free. We're limited to what we can bake because of this.

Instead of using wheat flour can I use corn flour to bake gluten-free foods? Is corn flour totally gluten-free?

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Yes, corn flour is gluten free.

You'll find many foods that have corn flour in them, yet the package will be labelled "gluten free".
5 years ago


Yes corn is gluten free, so is rice and potato. These foods can all be used in gluten-free diets.
5 years ago


Corn flour and gluten

Yes, corn flour is one of the alternatives that can be used in gluten-free diets. Corn contains no true gluten and is safe for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

Something worth pointing out is that certain factories produce both, gluten containing foods and corn flours. This means there is a risk for cross-contamination, so although corn flour is gluten free itself there could be traces of other gluten containing substances which might be worth considering. This goes for all gluten-free foods and usually the product will stipulate this on the package.

Often foods can have a blend of different flours such as rice flour and corn flour mixed together, which are also safe for those on gluten-free diets.

5 years ago
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