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What is the best way to learn?

If there was one way to learn something and it was the best way, what should it be?

I would like to devote all my study time into utilizing the best study method possible.
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The best way to learn

I think the best way to learn is to identify the learning style that works best for you and use that method first before progressing onto the others.

There are 4 learning styles and they are:

  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic
  • Visual
  • Reading and writing

Auditory learners are people who learn quicker and easier simply by hearing the information. They prefer to listen to someone rather than for example, read what they write.

Kinesthetic learners are people who prefer to learn by actually doing something through action. They learn by experience and find that the easiest way to understand something.

Visual learners like watching an example or visualise in their minds what they are trying to learn.

Finally, some people learn best if they read and write what they want to understand.

I think the best thing is to identify which of these work best for you in order of best, to worst. Use the best method first and then progress down to your least preferred method. When learning something it’s good to try and use all the methods for best results and also expand your absorption rate by broadening your learning style abilities.

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