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Where are your kidneys?

Where are the two kidneys located in the human body?
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The location of our kidneys

Kidneys are vital organs located in the abdominal cavity in humans. In human biology and in medicine the specific region they are found is in the paravertebral gutter.

There are two kidneys which sit on either side, on the right side and on our left side. Little people know that the right kidney is a little lower than the left kidney. This is because of the position of the liver above the right kidney. The left kidney is also more medial than the right one. The top parts of the kidney are actually protected by ribs.

The right one is found “posterior” or behind the liver just below the diaphragm. The left one is also below the diaphragm but behind the spleen. Another interesting fact is that the right kidney is usually a little smaller than the left one.

Our adrenal glands are found on top of each kidney.

If we had to trace our spine and pinpoint where in relation to our spine, the left kidney sites more or less at T12 to L3 and again, with the right one little lower.

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