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What is the difference between tendons and ligaments?

The human musculoskeletal system is made up of muscle, bone and is also comprised of tendons and ligaments.

What is the difference between these two (tendons and ligaments)?

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Tendons and ligaments are definitely two different things which form part of our musculoskeletal system.

Let’s first begin with what a tendon is. A tendon is what connects a muscle to a bone and is a very strong fibrous tissue. Tendons are similar to ligaments in that they are both made of collagen.

They are connective tissues that work together with muscles, especially during contraction because they can withstand the load upon the muscle.

A ligament is also a fibrous tissue which connects bones to each other. They don’t connect muscles to bones but instead connect one bone to another bone.

A ligament is also a connective tissue which is very tough and will shrink when there is tension. Interestingly, when a ligament is overstretched they often don’t return to their normal length. This is obvious in cases of injury, often people who dislocate a certain joint will be more prone to a second dislocation and thus it becomes more frequent because of the lengthening ligament over time.

Apart from the obvious difference between tendons and ligaments (that tendons connect muscle to bone while ligaments connect bone to bone), there is another interesting fact and that is tendons are more “stretchable” than ligaments.
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