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How many states are in America?

What is the total number of states that make up the United States of America? I once heard that there were 52 states, but now I'm told there are 50 states.

What is the real official number of U.S. states?
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U.S. States

All up, the United States of America has a total of 50 official states which include Alaska and Hawaii. Strangely, many people think that the U.S. has 52 states, but that is entirely incorrect.

Alaska and Hawaii were the last two states to be included which was during the year 1959. There are other territories that might have caused some confusion as to the number of U.S. states.

One fine example is Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is currently not a state but it’s possible that it could become one in the future. It is listed as a district and initially the reason was that the capital territory should be classed as a neutral region.

People also often mistakenly assume Puerto Rico as a state of the U.S. however, Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth region (hence, “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico”). Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S. but not listed as an official U.S. state. Puerto Rico could possibly be included as a state in the future.

There are other regions that could potentially become new states but as of 04/07/2013, there remain a total of 50 U.S states.

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