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Is insulin a hormone?

Insulin is a popular term used in health to describe what... a hormone?

Diabetics inject it into their system to control their insulin levels. Is this because they clinically have a hormonal problem?
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Yes, insulin is definitely a hormone and is produced by the pancreas, specifically the beta cells of the pancreas.

Beta cells react quickly as the levels of glucose change in the blood. The beta cells store insulin and release it rapidly while producing more for the next release.

Insulin is classed as “peptide hormone”. These hormones are proteins part of the endocrine system that are synthesized in cells from amino acids.

Insulin has a direct connection with fat and as well as carbs. It also causes the body to store glucose which too is directly connected with the metabolic system. Insulin also prevents the body from accessing fat as a fuel source.

5 years ago


That’s correct, because insulin is indeed a hormone, which means people who have diabetes inject insulin to control their hormonal levels (insulin levels).

So yes, they would clinically have a hormone problem.
5 years ago
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