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Why is Buddha fat?

When we look at the statue of Buddha and many other paintings and pictures of him, they always show Buddha as a fat person.

The images seem to emphasise that Buddha was fat.

Why is Buddha fat?

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Fat Buddha

People often confuse Buddha and Budai (Pu-Tai).

Gautama Buddha or Siddhārtha Gautama is what we simply call the Buddha. This is where Buddhism comes from.

Buddha isn’t fat at all the statue is rather a slender figure. The word Buddha stands for “awakened one” and “enlightened one”. Gautama is central to Buddhism.

Budai is a statue of a bald, fat person with a large belly, large ear lobes, smiling and laughing. In Chinese culture he is known as the “Laughing Buddha”. He represents “contentment”. Again the word Buddha describes that which is “awake” or “awakened”.

He is believed to be the incarnation of Maitreya which is a “future Buddha” that is completely “enlightened” and will teach the true Dharma.

Generally people see him as representing fortune, happiness, “Good luck”, wealth and riches, hence his fatness. The origin of the fat Buddha or transformation from the original Buddha (Gautama) to the fat Buddha (Budai) is debated.

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