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How many bones are in the body?

The human body has many bones but I haven't a clue as to how many bones there are.

How many bones are in the body all together? I need to have the answer for my assignment on physical anatomy.

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How many bones do we have?

The number of bones in a human changes over time and depends on the age of a person.

All humans are born with more than 270 bones in their bodies. By the time a person reaches their adult life they will have less, with a total of 206 bones.

Where do the other bones go? They don’t go anywhere. The reason why we have fewer bones when we are older is because our bones fuse together as we age.

For example, in a new born, the skull will consist of many bones which make up the cranium. However, by around 18 months many of these bones are fused together to make up one single skull bone.

In unusual cases, a person may have fewer bones in their early years. This could be due to premature fusion of bone which could result from an underlying condition.

There could also be a delayed process where bones fuse together later than normal. So the exact number of total bones in our bodies might differ from each other given the growth phases or physical health of a person. But generally, we end up with 206 bones in total and start with around 270.

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We have 206 bones as adults but at birth we can have more than 260 - 270 bones.

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