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Where is the epiglottis?

The epiglottis is part of the human anatomy, but where is the epiglottis found?

Can you post a picture of its location? Is it that little tongue that hangs at the back of our throats?
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The epiglottis and its location

For those that aren’t sure what an epiglottis is, we’ll fist explain it to those before establishing its location.

It’s a “flap” that acts like a guard for the opening by the vocal section. It protects the glottis entrance. It’s elastic and consists of cartilage which is layered with a mucous membrane.

Side view of the epiglottis
The epiglottis from side view

The epiglottis is connected to the larynx. The larynx is often called the “Voice box”.

Top view of epiglottis
Top view of the epiglottis

People sometimes call the “palatine uvula” the epiglottis which is incorrect. The epiglottis is not the uvula. The uvula is that “little tongue” that dangles at the back of your throat and you can see it in the mirror when you open your mouth.

One interesting fact about the Human epiglottis is that it has superficial (surface) taste buds. Some researchers have proposed that one of the purposes for these taste buds is to protect the airway by means of reflex initiation.

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