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Why do Christians fast?

Many Christian people fast for reasons that I'm unsure of. They also fast in different ways. For example they could do a liquid fast, food fast, carb fast and protein fast or fast all together for a number of days. Often they fast for weeks!

Can anyone tell me why people and Christians fast?
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Fasting is generally an abstinence from food or drink and could be both. There are other different forms of fasting and people may even speak of a “Facebook fast”, "Music fast", "Internet fast", “TV fast” and many more.

Usually fasting requires a person to restrict themselves from something they somewhat indulge in or depend on. Breaking away from an addiction is different and is rather termed as rehabilitation. Fasting from a “Facebook habit” or “Fasting from my computer games” is not the same as breaking a real addiction.

Fasting also entails a person abstaining from that particular thing for a period of time. A person could fast for 3 days, 40 days, or just 24 hours etc. It would then be called a “24 hour fast” or a “3 day fast” and so on.

There are medical and health reasons behind fasting as well as religious reasons. Medically a person may be required to fast before taking a blood test or other medical tests. Also, a person may fast from a particular food or drink before going through diagnostic testing. On the other hand, people may need to fast in order to treat certain conditions and improve health.

When it comes to religions, their reasoning is different. In the case of Christianity, fasting is done with a few different reasons depending on the type of denomination. According to the book of Isaiah in the Bible, fasting alone is not just about avoiding food and water but also about ensuring that those in need are getting help., that “you go without” so that others can get and is an act of unselfishness.

It’s also an action against selfishness for oneself. That it is good for “Faith and character” because “the flesh” always hungers selfishly for earthly things. However, fasting is the opposite to “fleshly hunger” and the decision to fast would be for the health of a person’s “inner spirit”.

Some Christians also fast when they pray for something. They might pray for an answer or for someone else and they’ll fast while they do this. This is because they ‘Press in” to hear the voice of God more clearly and become sensitive to Him.

The many Christian denominations have different fasting routines and some even with regulations. Fasting is a significant part of the “Christian walk” and in general the above highlights some of the main reasons while the details will differ between churches and denominations.

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When it comes to health some people can fast for weight loss or physique. For example, in health and fitness, a carb fast would be restricting a person from carbohydrate intake in order to lose weight.

There are indeed different types of fasting. Some people only fast a particular food, as you say, they may fast with meat only or just do a liquid fast. In Christianity, people fast in in order to get closer to God when they pray to Him. They strip away their “flesh” and enter into the spirit, fasting helps this process.

There are also biblical reasons and instructions behind fasting and many Christians follow this as an act of obeisance while others do it as part of religious tradition.

Fasting in religion also helps the development of faith and the spiritual life.

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