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Are bats blind?

There is an age old saying, "blind as a bat". Obviously this has led many to believe that bats are completely blind animals.

How true is this saying? Are bats so blind that they can't see at all?

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Blind as a bat

No there is not a single species of bat that is blind. All bats can see and the idea that bats are blind probably comes from the saying “as blind as a bat” or from the fact that some bats have poorly developed or small eyes. Because of this, they will have poor acute vision but certainly not blindness.

The old saying “as blind as a bat” is misleading.

Some bats rely on vision for their navigation and some bats can even detect ultraviolet light.

Bats also have other highly sensitive and developed senses. They use these senses to their advantage during the night to outsmart prey when they hunt.

5 years ago
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