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When was the Black Death?

The so called "Black Death" was the worst event in history. It was an infectious disease that killed people all around the world.

When was the Black Death? What are the dates of when it started and ended?
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Dates of the Black Death

Yes, it was one of the worst events of our time. It lasted over a thousand years!

It originated from China and was probably spread by ships and the Silk Road. It was a bacterial infection that killed around 150, and perhaps even 200 million people.

The Black Death had large mass outbreaks at different times in history. It’s still around today, but only about 15 people a year get it.

The first outbreak was the Plague of Justinian. This happened in the 500’s during the times of the Roman Empire. This plague outbreak began to disappear in the 700’s. This is the first one recorded but there could have been outbreaks before this.

There was another large spread that happened in the 14th century and again, another in China during the late 1800’s which also spread through India.

There were also many other attacks that happened in different regions. The infection seems to have had interval outbreaks at different times around the globe. This happened over a long period of time with the first massive one happening in the 500’s.

The world had a population of about 450 million people and it already declined to 350 million people by 1400.

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