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Are Great White Sharks endangered?

I read an article about Great White Sharks and that they are threatened in the wild. Are Great Whites officially on the list of endangered animals?
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At the moment, Great white sharks are a threatened species. More specifically, their conservation status is listed as (VN) which means they’re vulnerable.

A threatened species doesn’t necessarily mean that they are endangered. A threatened species can be listed as “VN” (vulnerable), EN (endangered) or “CR” which stands for critically endangered.

Great white sharks are at high risk of becoming an “Endangered species” which is simply another step closer to extinction.

Yes, Great whites are threatened but are not currently classed as endangered. Although many have strong views that they should be.

Once an animal species becomes critically endangered then the next step is extinction in the wild but only exist in captivity. The Great white shark is only two steps away from this possibility.

Often people don’t believe this fact and their response is that Great white sharks can be found through almost all of the Earth’s oceans, so they can’t be threatened.

Yes, they can be found through most of our oceans but this doesn’t mean their numbers are high or that there are no threats to their survival. Great white sharks travel over huge distances and scientists have observed the same shark in different oceans. Some Great whites make regular trips between Australia, Africa and other countries.

They are long distance travellers, so it might seem that there are plenty in our ocean waters, but as a matter of fact there is far less of them swimming around and it's likely that their numbers will continue to fall.
6 years ago
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