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When did the Universe begin?

The Universe began with the "Big Bang" (according to big bang cosmology). When did the Universe begin?

According to the Big Bang Theory, when did this all happen?

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The most recent science tells us that the Universe began some 13.798 billion years ago.

The exact time it began is still not known but the numbers could be out by a factor of around 37 million years, which might sound like a lot but is actually a tiny amount in cosmological terms.

The age of the Universe can be told through measurement of the Hubble constant. Hubble’s law is the name of a theory that shows us all objects observed in space (the far reaches of space) have a Doppler effect with a velocity relative to Earth and relative to each other. The Doppler shift (effect) of galaxies moving away from Earth is also in proportion to their distance from Earth and other celestial bodies. The Hubble’s law comes directly from the Universe’s expansion and helps explain this process. We use this law to help determine the age of the Universe.

With the continuous progression of Big Bang cosmology we’ll get closer and closer to the exact age of our Universe. It’s likely that the Universe will be older than what’s currently thought, but so far the figure of 13.79 billion years is the best we can come up with to date.

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