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Are zebras horses?

Don't you think that zebras and horses look exactly the same except for their stripes? Aren't zebras just wild horses?

I mean, you get so many different types of horses, black ones, spotted ones, white ones and brown ones. To me it seems that a Zebra is just another different type of horse.

If zebras are horses then why do people see them differently?

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They are part of the “horse family” but are not exactly the same as what we call “horses”.

I think people see them differently because they are wild and not domesticated. I doubt it would be possible to use zebras in the same way we use horses.

Their evolutionary history is different than to the domestic horse. They are related, but are not the same thing.
6 years ago


Zebras are indeed part of the African horse family.

They wouldn’t be classed as domestic horses or the horses we see on farms because zebras have never become domesticated animals.

Even still, they are a member of the Equidae which is the taxonomic family of horses. This family of horses include animals such as the donkey.

So in the same way you would see a donkey as different to a “horse”, the zebra is also different.

An interesting fact about zebras is that there are three types of them, three different species. There is the mountain zebra, the plains zebra and the Grévy's zebra which belongs to it’s on sub-class of species.

The Grévy's zebra is the largest of all the zebra species and it is also the most endangered. It is currently listed as an endangered (EN) species under the Conservation status listings.

At first glance, you’ll notice that a zebra will gallop or trot in the same way that a domestic horse does. However, compared to “horses”, zebras are a little slower.
6 years ago
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