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Where is the Amazon Rainforest?

The largest rainforest on Earth is the Amazon. Where can it be found?

Describe where the Amazon Rainforest is by showing which country it’s located in as well as the location of that country.

Can you also tell us a little about the Amazon Rainforest as in why it is found in that particular location?

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The Amazon Rainforest is located in South America.
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The Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon rainforest, sometimes called the Amazon Jungle, isn’t found in just one country but covers a number of South American countries. It lies in the equatorial region where the climate is tropical. There are about 9 countries that contain parts of the Amazon rainforest.

Most of it is found in Brazil, which is about 60% of the entire Amazon Jungle. This is mostly because Brazil is the largest country in South America. It’s also the 5th largest country in the world and thus contains a large area of the Amazon rainforest. Brazil is located on the eastern side of Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, and also on the south-eastern side of Colombia. Brazil lies north-east of Argentina and directly north of Uruguay. Venezuela is directly just north of Brazil. On the eastern side of Brazil is the South American coastline.

In Brazil, the Amazon rainforest extends across the northern region of the country on the equatorial belt. Other countries that are home to the Amazon rainforest are, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana.

The Amazon is found in these locations because of the climate, the Amazon is a “tropical” rainforest and requires certain temperatures and rainfall for it to thrive.

Peru has the second largest portion of the rainforest with 13%. Peru is located on the western side of the northern region of South America. North of Peru is Ecuador and Colombia while to the south is Chile. East of Peru is Brazil while Bolivia sits on the south-eastern corner of Peru. The Amazon rainforest covers the eastern region of Peru which extends from north-east Peru right through to the south-eastern part.

Colombia which is located in northern South America, north of Brazil, Peru and Ecuador, contains about 10% of the Amazon rainforest. The Jungle covers the southern region of Colombia.

On the eastern side of Peru is Venezuela which also contains a portion of the Amazon rainforest, but it’s only a minor area in the most southern parts of Venezuela where the Amazon rainforest then begins to end.

Ecuador contains some of the rainforest on its eastern side while Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana contain the Amazon in their southern regions where it is dense.

Bolivia contains some of the Amazon rainforest in its most northern parts.

Amazon Rainforest

Currently more than 5.5 million square kilometres of the Amazon Basin is dense tropical rainforest. It’s the largest rainforest in the world and thus covers more than one country. However, the size is reducing due to forest destruction and deforestation.

When you combine the total forested area, it makes up about half of the world’s tropical rainforests. It’s more than 55 million years old and still contains areas that are unexplored.

This means that parts of the Amazon rainforest have remained untouched directly by humans for millions of years.

By the year 2000 more than half a million square kilometres of Amazon Jungle had been destroyed because of deforestation. By the end of 2000 this area cleared was about 587,000 square kilometres and the yearly rate of deforestation is about 20,000 square kilometres on average.

Another threat to the rainforest is climate change and with an increase of just 4 degrees Celsius, 85% of the Amazon as we know it today would be destroyed by the year 2100.

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