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Where is the world’s longest beach?

Here is a great question for those looking for the longest beach.

Our world is home to beautiful beaches across the globe. Where is the world's longest beach and how long is this beach in km?

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There are several countries who claim to have the world’s longest beach.

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh claims to have the world’s longest beach having a single unbroken stretch of beach that’s around 120 kilometers.

Praia do Cassino is a beach in Brazil that was claimed the longest with a beach of around 245 kilometers long. However, an accurate measurement of 212 kilometers was taken by independent sources.

Fraser Island has a beach that officially measures 151 kilometers in length. Fraser Island is found in Australia off the coast of Queensland.

The longest beach in the world is most likely to be found in Australia. Australia has more beaches over 100 kilometers in length than any other country in the world.

In particular Eighty Mile Beach in Australia, which actually measures an official length of over 220 kilometers, is most likely the longest beach in the world.

Coorong Beach in South Australia is also another possibility, with an official measurement of 194 kilometers in length, which makes it one of the world’s longest. Also, depending on the points of measurements, some list Coorong beach at 222 kilometers long.
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