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Who is the president of Africa?

What is the name of the president of Africa?

I've tried to find out who the president is but I can't seem to find an answer, so I thought of asking it here. Thanks.
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Africa is not a country with a leader. Rather, it is a continent that's made up of different countries.

Each of these countries has their own leader and therefore Africa itself does not have a president, but is home to many presidents.
6 years ago


The topic of leadership today is becoming more interesting than ever.

Personally, I think that continents in general will merge to have one leader. We can see this process taking place in Europe with the UN and "Euro countries" that are uniting together.

Africa will most likely follow the same path in the near future, with having all countries unite to form a sort of collaborated continent having one president, or leader of some sort.

Eventually, this will spread throughout the globe. I think countries will retain their unique cultures. They will be more like states rather than separate countries.

It won’t be long until we see an African currency. It will come as a solution to the collapse of some African nations, such as Zimbabwe, Congo and so on.
6 years ago


The African continent does not have a president.
6 years ago
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