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How can I get math answers?

Hello and I hope you can help.

I'm looking for answers to some math questions that I have. How can I get math answers when I need them?

It would be nice to know, because whenever I come across a math problem then I can get help with the answers.

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Hi there,

You are more than welcome to post any maths questions you have here. That's the purpose of this section of the website. Which is firstly to provide help to people who have specific questions, secondly to provide a platform for others to share their own knowledge and expertise, and thirdly to create a database of questions and answers to help others searching for the same thing.

If you have an overall struggle with maths or any other subject however, it may not be sufficient for you to post a question and get a quick answer here. It depends on whether you are only having trouble with a few specific maths problems, or whether you need to backtrack and work on basics or entire sections.

Getting a tutor can be really useful. They will provide one-on-one individualised tuition that will focus on exactly the areas where you need help. A tutor can also go back over basics that you may not have grasped in earlier years and fill in the gaps. This is really important for a subject like maths as each year builds apon the last.

Hope that answers you question!

6 years ago
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