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What is a PhD?

I always hear people talking about a PhD degree in university studies? What is it and how can I get one?
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It is a Doctor of Philosophy and it is also abbreviated Ph.D. or PhD. Sometimes you’ll come across the abbreviations, D.Phil. and also DPhil.

The Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate degree that is attained through a university. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this degree is one confined to philosophy.

It covers almost all subjects in the academic field of study. The PhD degree is among the highest education level and requires hard work as well as extraordinary dedication.
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A PhD is an abbreviation for a degree and it stands for Doctor of Philosophy.

It’s part of the highest standards of education and often has many prerequisites or requirements. Those who obtain a PhD are often referred to as “Doctors”.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean “Doctor” as in the medical practitioner. There are doctors of all subjects and fields.

A doctor of medicine and a doctor of geology are both doctors in different careers.

A person cannot simply just apply for a PhD in university. They need to first complete a list of other degrees before they even become eligible for a PhD.

It’s worth noting that these pre-requirements differ depending on the country. This is because ever country has their own educational system with different standards.

Generally, a person who enrols for a PhD should have excellent marks during their school years and have at least completed their Bachelor's degree, Honours degree and usually also a Master’s degree, all of which need to be passed with certain grades.

The process of completing a PhD is intense and it requires full focus and dedication with hours upon hours of research. This is a full time commitment that lasts for anywhere between 2 and 6 years or longer, depending on the subject and subject matter.

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