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Does the Earth have two moons?

I had a debate with someone about Earth and its moon. They claimed that the Earth had two moons but I didn't believe that to be true.

I'm not so sure now so I thought I'd ask the question to find out the correct answer.

Does the Earth have two moons? Is this just a rumour?
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The Moon is our only natural satellite that we currently know about with certainty. There are other objects in space that orbit the Sun but they’re not classed as moons. Some of these might "appear" to orbit the Earth but they don't.

For example, 3753 Cruithne is an object that’s often called Earths second moon, but this isn’t true. It’s actually an asteroid that orbits the Sun and every so often it travel past the Earth in a way that might seem as though it orbits Earth.

Apart from the hoaxes there are some interesting facts about objects that could become “temporary” natural satellites. There is only one such known object (2006 RH120) that was confirmed in 2006 and 2007. This object was a small asteroid with a diameter of only about 5 meters.

Some other claims to Earth’s second moon are the Waltemath's moons which were disregarded by scientists and Petit's moon which failed to be proven.

6 years ago
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