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How is accounting important?

When it comes to finance and business how is accounting important?

Can we do without accounting or is it too important. I have to know the answer because if it's not important then I don't think I'm going to study it. If it is important then I think I'm going to be an accountant and I'll be happy to study accounting in university.

Looking forward to the answers, thanks.
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Accounting is important for the financial system of business and individuals.

In particular accounting is vital for the survival of business. With an accounting, they’ll focus and specialise on all the financial aspects of a company.

There are also several different finance categories that range from tax right through to staff finance all of which rely on accountancy.

Often individuals will seek advice from an accountant in terms of their own financial management and many people who have large or complicated budgets have a dedicated accountant to help control their financial accounts.

Accounting is such a large and crucial category of business that it’s considered an indispensable role, without it business will fail to grow or simply fail altogether.
6 years ago
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