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Are accountants in demand?

I know that it's important to study something that is or will be in demand.

I want to study accounting so I need to know if accountants are actually in demand or not. I don't want to go into a career then find myself unable to find work because there is no demand left.

Are accountants in demand? Is it a reliable industry to get involved in, or is it fading out?
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Absolutely, yes, I’m an accountant and from my experience there is always a need for them.

As an accountant, you’ll find demand in the work force by working for a company full time and also as a person who works for themselves.

It also doesn’t make much difference what the economy is doing, when the economy is under pressure, accountants are needed to help manage the income better and offer financial advice to avoid financial problems.

On the other hand, if economy and turn-over is healthy and well, accountants are still in demand because there is increased productivity and income flow.
6 years ago


Accountants are always going to be in demand because for most businesses the accounting positions are indispensable.

Accountants are vital for the survival of the businesses entire financial system. Without them, there would be no control over the flow of income that the business would collapse.

Some small home based self-employed businesses might do their own accounts because they’re simple and non-complex. In this case, the demand for an accountant would be lower than that of larger businesses. Even still, small run businesses outsource their financials to accountants simply because it’s feasible, less time consuming and the work is done by financial professionals.

On the whole, commerce and accounting is an essential industry. You might think that the market is saturated, but if you consider the relative rise in demand there will always be a need. As businesses grow and new ones become establish, they will offer opportunities for the new accountants that exit their study years and move into the work place.
6 years ago
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