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Is accounting a hard degree?

Hi, I think I'd like to study accounting when I leave high school but I don't know if it's too difficult for me.

Is accounting a hard degree to learn? If it's too hard for me then I think I should look at doing something other than accounting.

Thanks and hope to find an answer.
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It wouldn't be called easy or hard.

It depends on your approach and if it's something you would really like to do. All subjects require effort, but the effort is only "hard" when you're simply not interested and it's surprisingly easy when you're passionate about it.

A degree requires dedication, commitment and focus. No matter what degree you decide on, you'll be faced with those factors. "Easy" doesn't mean effortless, it simply means that your mindset is in a positive mode and enthusiastic about accounting. On the other hand, "hard" is simply a mindset that is without motivation or drive to pursue the degree.

If you like accounting then go for it, don't ask if it's too difficult for you because it won't be if you're passionate about it. Rather, prepare yourself for the work and effort that's required to complete the degree.

Also, if you start the subject with a predisposed view that it's difficult, then you'll naturally treat the subject that way which will ultimately destroy the passion you have for accounting.

Don't let anyone tell you it's too difficult, surround yourself with supportive people who want to encourage you to follow your dreams and passions.
6 years ago
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