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What is the fear of heights called?

Talking about fear and phobia, can anyone tell me the correct term for the fear of heights?

I know plenty people who have this phobia. What exactly is the fear of heights called?

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Terms used for a fear of heights are Acrophobia, Altophobia or Batophobia.

A true fear of heights will be crippling and cause the person to shut down when faced with the challenge of standing on a ledge or high building or climbing a wall. In general, many people have a slight form of this fear in that heights make them nervous (with good reason). This general apprehension however would not be termed an actual phobia.
6 years ago


The fear of heights is one of the most common and persisting fears in humans.

It's a very interesting phobia and comes in several forms. Some people actually only have a fear of standing close to a tall object such as a sky scraper, but at the same time have no problem standing on something high.

On the other hand, some people have an extreme fear of standing on high objects and experience a range of phobia related symptoms.

It’s a debilitating condition and can be so extreme that it causes problems in all aspects of a person’s life. It might prevent them from flying or entering a built city. It could also cause problems in social environments.

It’s an irrational fear or type of anxiety disorder which can sometimes invoke full-fledged panic attacks.

People incorrectly use the term “vertigo” to describe the fear of heights, but “vertigo” is actually a term used to describe a sensation of spinning. Vertigo can often be triggered by heights.

The correct terms for this phobia are Acrophobia, Altophobia or Batophobia.
6 years ago
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