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How do you take a screenshot?


I'd really like to know how to take a screenshot on my computer. I'm doing a project for school which is a tutorial, but I need to do screenshots of all the steps in my tutorial.

How do I do this, can someone tell me step by step how to take a screenshot?

Looking forward to the answer, I don't have long left on my project.

Thank you for the help.
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A “screenshot” or “print screen”, is when we take an image of the computers screen as is.

Whatever is showing on your display can be captured and then saved as an image. This is called a print screen or screenshot.

To do it is fairly simple and straight forward. First you need to press the “print screen” button as shown in the image below.


Print Screen Keyboard


You have now “copied” or captured a snap shot of everything showing on your display. Secondly you need to past this snap shot. You won’t see it yet because you need to “paste” or place this image inside an image view. Paint is a good start.

You can also paste it in other software such as an email, Microsoft word, Photoshop etc, but we’ll use Microsoft paint for now.

Open the paint program in your start menu, when the program loads, while in that program, simply paste the image by “right-clicking” on your mouse and selecting “paste” or by pressing “ctrl + v” as shown in the picture.


Ctrl + V Paste


The image should then appear in the software you have opened, the image will be of whatever was on your screen.

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