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Why is it called the Red Sea?

I'm totally fascinated by the Red Sea! I think it's one of those unique and unusual places on our Earth.

Apparently it is very beautiful also but I've never seen it myself. I'd just like to know, why is it called the Red Sea?
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The Red Sea is situated between Asia and Africa which is an Inlet from the Indian Ocean.

Some say the name comes from the Erythra Thalassa (Greek) which means Arabian Gulf. The surface of the water sometimes has a red colour depending on the season. This is because of a type of “sea sawdust” which called Trichodesmium erythraeum.

Another reason for the name is colour was used to describe directions and the Red Sea could mean south and the Black Sea meaning north.

It’s surprisingly deep, having a maximum depth of 2211 meters despite its relatively narrow width. The Red Sea is teaming with marine line and coral and is considered as having one of the most beautiful underwater displays in the world.
6 years ago
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