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Written by Philo. Posted on 22 October 2013.
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Is Christianity a religion, what do you think?

Have you ever met a Christian that claimed they’re not religious? Might sound a little bizarre, but you do get Christians that don’t like religion at all.

You might think that’s impossible as all Christians are religious because they have a “belief”. Well, not entirely, according to this amazingly interesting post: bloomstutors.com.au/qa/view/451-is-christianity-a-religion.

Perhaps it’s possible to have a belief system without the religious part of it. According to some Christians (not all), religion is actually from the Devil! No you might be a little confused but let me make a quick explanation.

Firstly, there are two believers the religious (based upon tasks and routine) and the non-religious (based upon personal connection).

I guess it depends on what you think religion is, but so far, it sounds like that it is possible to have a certain belief without taking part in some sort of religious obligations.

That means, your belief has to be unique and have a personal flavour to it, otherwise it will simply fall into the same box of cultish groups who perform duties as if they were robots.

Author: Philo

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