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Written by lefe. Posted on 12 November 2013.
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Working With Children Check - Explained

The “Working With Children Check (WWCC)” system within Australia has been designed as a pre-screening of employees, volunteers and business operators. Its goal is to ensure a safe environment for children when adults are involved with them via work or sport. This included private tutoring. There is no country-wide system in place and each state manages its own procedures and requirements.

The check is similar to that of a Police Check, however it is usually more extensive and focuses on particular types of offences – generally child-related offences. As there is no national framework currently in place, the “Working With Children Check” is not currently transferable between states and individuals moving between states will need to meet the requirements of each particular state before work can commence. There are also certain exempt individuals.

Below is a list of the states with links to the various governing bodies responsible for management and administering the checks. Applications can be made via these organisations.


Required Checks:

Australian Capital Territory


New South Wales


Northern Territory




South Australia

Currently no specific WWCC exists but mandatory Police Checks are performed before any work can commence with children.


No mandatory requirements currently in place.



Western Australia


Information for tutors: in order to work with children under the age of 18 you will need to apply for a WWCC in your relevant state. Please remember it is an offence to commence tutoring work with an under-18 if you have not completed the process. If you only intend to tutor older aged students such as adults and uni or TAFE students, then you will not require one.

Information for parents: it is advised that you confirm with your selected tutor that they have a current WWCC before they begin tutoring sessions with your child. The tutor should carry some form of identification, usually a card issued by the relevant state governing body. We do extensive screening on all tutors and require a copy of their WWCC before they are able to commence with any tutoring work. Please note that we do not perform the same screening on independent tutors.

NOTE: This information is accurate as of the date of this article.

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