come to those who've come to help...


I've had a lot of people asking for more clarity on the differences between registering as an "independent tutor" or just as a "tutor". This has been answered in the following Q&A link: http://bloomstutors.com.au/qa/view/517-difference-between-profile-types but I thought I'd try shed some more light on the differences to help make your decision easier!


  Independent Tutor Blooms Tutor
Can I set my own rate? Yes No
Will students see my contact details? Yes No
Will students be able to contact me directly? Yes No
Will I make use of Blooms placement services? No Yes
Will students pay me directly? Yes No
How will I be paid? However you choose Via EFT
Will Blooms advertise on my behalf? As part of blanket advertising Blanket & some targeted promoting
Will I have full use of the Blooms website facilities? Yes Yes
Do I have admin responsibilities? No Yes, a weekly timesheet is required to be signed by parent/s for each session & submitted
Do I have to submit any forms or documents? No Yes, a number of screening documents are required to be filed before sessions can commence
Do I have access to email and/or telephone support and teaching resources & advice? Yes Yes


Hope that sums things up clearly!

All the best, and happy tutoring ;)