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Get listed on our tutors map (see map here)

  • Get pinned - claim your spot on our tutoring map by filling out your profile.
  • Automated - there is no need to fiddle with map settings, we will update the map for you by using your profile location info.
  • Dynamic map profiles - your tuition services will be displayed inside our Google map. Students can simply click on your pin and view your profile info.
  • Your exact address remains hidden - users can find tutors only based on their city location and not street address, this ensures that your exact address remains private.

Student homework & Quizzes

  • Time saving - save time when creating and managing homework for your students.
  • Quiz creating - easily create quizzes almost instantly for your students to complete at home.
  • Reports - review their quiz responses and open automatically generated reports without having to mark each question manually.
  • Quiz types - create a range of different types of quizzes, from simple multiple choice, to more complex ones.
  • Quiz database - access a growing public database of homework quizzes, the quiz you're looking for is not there, simply create it.
  • Stored quizzes - create your quiz only once - it's stored and can be used multiple times for different students.
  • Quiz cloud - because all quizzes are stored, all students and tutors are able to access quizzes from a continually growing database.
  • Your reputation - expand your tuition profile and enjoy bragging rights by creating more content. Students prefer tutors who have a lot to offer.

Student Q&A

  • Answer student questions - browse our Q&A section for students that need help. Students from all over have questions and now you can answer them for free with your expert help.
  • Express your knowledge - Answering questions will allow you to show people how much knowledge you have, what a great way to let students know they'll be in good hands even before they contact you.
  • Anyone - all users can ask or answer questions and simply click on the user profile to see if they're a tutor, student or someone else.

A tuition blog

  • Blog on your expertise - write your own articles and have them listed in your tuition profile. This is another great feature that will allow you to express your skills and gain more tuition enquiries.
  • A blog with a difference - by creating articles you'll gain points, get badges and ratings on your profile. Use these features to make your profile more impressive and stand out from the rest.
  • Feature your profile - top bloggers get featured on the top bloggers page.

Manage your events

  • Create events and bookings - invite your students or friends to almost any type of event you can think of.
  • Events are private - no other tutor will see your event listings, only people you invite.

Your profile

  • Public exposure - parts of your profile, such as your services, your articles, answers, quizzes etc. are advertised publicly, allowing students the opportunity to learn more about you and the services you can offer them.
  • Fully integrated - your profile is linked with all your online activity. More activity = bigger profiles = more exposure.

More features?

  • Social integration – Share, like or comment on almost anything.

How do I start?

  1. Register as a tutor or independent tutor
  2. Fill out your profile as much as you can
  3. Create your first homework quizzes for your students
  4. Create a few articles about what it is that you specialise in
  5. Share, link and advertise your profile, articles and Q&A answers

Why is this free?

Because these services and features are just days old, we need users to help grow the community. Using these features to your advantage will naturally create an environment for students to come participate and interact with an active online community. Our goal is to create a tuition - student interaction hub at your fingertips. We think that those who help us grow the community should get something out of it, which is why all this comes at no cost.

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