come to those who've come to help...




For users who ask the first two questions.
This badge is for users that have asked 6 or more questions.
All users that ask 12 or more questions will get this badge.
You need to ask 26 questions for this badge.
Want to be a fool slayer? Earn it by asking more than 50 proper questions.
Do you think you're witty? Get 80 to prove it.
If you got 150 decent questions posted, then you'll certainly qualify for an epic badge. Earn it baby.


 x 3 Get this badge by posting 2 articles or more.
Are you strangely attracted to the number 23? Do you find 23 in almost everything? Perhaps this one isn’t a coincidence. You need to get this badge, it was made for you. 23.
If you're on 10 articles then surely you deserve to be called a prolific writer.
So you’re on the big 50, bet your mouth can’t keep up with your fingers. Nice job if you’ve got this badge!
If your article got 20,000 hits you deserve one of the most sought after badges, the Gold Digger. This badge says it all about your posts and that is, people like to read your stuff. This is where the big hitters are separated from little players.
Got what it takes to get 10,000 solid hits on one article? Take this badge, own it, display it and shout “Booyakasha”.
You’ve seriously gotta be at sixes and sevens if you’ve posted 100 articles. Welcome to the world of serious blogging.