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We are excited to launch a new section of our web site, the questions and answers section.

Blooms Tutors have decided to provide free advice to anyone who needs it. If you're looking for an answer to help you with your projects, homework or school work then you can ask them here.

Otherwise, if you're simply interested in learning something knew, feel free to ask away. There is no restriction as to who can ask, a "question" is always welcome as well as your best answers.

Users can also answer the questions of others if they feel they can provide the insight.

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Times Tables…….! Eeeeeeeeek!

Whether you’re trying to remember them for school, or you have children who are repeating them none stop in an effort to pass their table mountain tests, most people cringe at the mere mention of the word.

Well, we have some tricks and tips that proved very helpful in my own schooling, as well as with students we have taught.

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Well, hello….. And welcome to Blooms’ Blog!

We hope you will enjoy reading through our archive of tips, ideas and information. As tutors, we are passionate about seeing people thrive. We especially have a love for children and teens and seeing their growth and development setting them up for favour and success. It is this passion that drove me to establish Blooms.

So, why private tutoring?

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