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A tutor is a person who works in the interest of helping others in education. There are different methods of tutoring, some tutors do group sessions while others do one on one private tuition session or both, depending on the needs of the student.

People who find their subjects, studies and projects challenging or overwhelming often decide to get help from a tutor. In this case the tutor will be proficient in the subject of interest and will have the knowledge and experience to guide the student and help them overcome any difficulties. Even after improvement, many students decide to continue with a tutor throughout their studies in order to cope or maintain the good results.

Students decide on the level of pace and number of sessions they would like and on many occasions students will need help in more than one subject. Most tutors cover more than one subject so we try to place a tutor that can cover them all. In some cases a student will need help in many subjects and this often means having more than one tutor working with them.

Tutors often travel to the student’s home while other students prefer meeting the tutor at an alternative location.

There are currently no minimum required sessions with Blooms Tutors and all sessions are charged at an hourly basis.